5 Vital Tips To Sell A Wrecked Car In Brisbane 2023

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Selling wrecked cars is unfamiliar territory for most of us. But luckily, nowadays, with an abundance of second-hand vehicle buyers, selling your old car is now possible within a day. So, why hold on to your damaged car? Now you can sell a wrecked car and earn cash in return. Just follow our 5 vital tips and make easy cash today.

1. Know Your Car

Before selling the vehicle in the market, it’s important to fully assess the condition of your car to figure out its true value. This will help you avoid scammers and prevent prospective buyers from making lowball offers for your vehicle. Some cars have major damage and are labelled as written off by the insurance company. These cars should be sold to the scrap vehicle buyer ASAP to receive the best offer for them.
But if your vehicle has suffered some damage but is still roadworthy, you can earn more by selling your car to a private buyer instead of a scrap yard.

2. Choose The Right Wrecked Car Buyer

There are many old car buyers in the market, but choosing the right one can prove to be difficult. So, take into account the following details when selecting your car buyer.

  • Types Of Cars They Buy – Make sure the vehicle brand and model you own is eligible for their services. You can always call them to ask for a quote for your vehicle.
  • Valuation Process – Does the company offers reliable valuations? Make sure the people coming to evaluate the vehicle are honest about the inspection and don’t make you unfair offers.
  • Car Collection – People choose car-buying companies to make the vehicle-selling process easy. So, make sure the company you are dealing with offers you a FREE pickup.
  • Customer Reviews – Always check the company’s reputation and reviews before choosing a wrecking yard. Ensure the business is licensed to deal with wrecked cars and has excellent customer reviews.

3. Have Your Paperwork Ready

Before you sell a wrecked car, make sure you have all of these papers in order that the buyer may need:

  • The Vehicle’s Title or Rego – These documents are needed to prove that you are the car’s real owner. You may also be asked to show your ID card or diver’s license to prove that the name on the Rego is truly yours.
  • Transfer Of Ownership Form – These documents are needed to prove that the vehicle is now transferred to the buyer and is no longer in your name.
  • Maintenance Record – This is needed to prove to the buyer that the vehicle is kept in the best condition. Though this may not be necessary when your vehicle is wrecked, still, it can be helpful when the extent of the damage is not as severe.
  • Bill Of Sale – This is the contract of the sale that is legally binding. It also includes all the terms and conditions of the sale, including the paid amount.

4. Consider Making Repairs

Get in touch with a mechanic to see whether your vehicle is truly wrecked. If it is still in working condition, consider making some repairs to the car so it can receive a roadworthy certificate. Because if the vehicle is not a total wreck and is in much better condition than a write-off car, you can sell it for a higher price.
Get an estimate to see how much you would need to spend on repairs and then assess whether this route will be more profitable for you or not.

5. Don’t Limit Yourself To Private Buyers

If you are looking to sell a wrecked car, you should not limit yourself only to salvage yards or local buyers; you should also advertise your vehicle online. Many buyers online, such as AuziCashForCarRemoval, Carsales, and Facebook marketplace, are looking for vehicles with specialized parts or rare models of vehicles. And the best part is they are willing to pay you competitive rates. So, take some clear pictures of the car and place the advertisements online to receive offers.

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